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Think.Story.Speak helps companies, schools and people to generate real innovation, enhancing the way they create original ideas before communicating them with the world.

To find out how we achieve this, see how our work connects with the three words in our brand:

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Customer Testimonial

“The instructor himself demonstrated the good practices of public speaking at all times, even during the more theoretical presentations. He’s also personal and approachable. So the whole course is actually like watching a live demo of good public speaking.”

Joceline Kuswanto, Visual Designer: Potato Productions


Speak Well In The Spotlight

Whether you’re pitching your business to angel investors or facing a crisis in the media, we’ve got you covered with our Public Speaking programs and personalised coaching in public speaking and presentation skills.

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Storytelling: It’s Our Business

We can help your company communicate new ideas on a human scale and spark real innovation with our Storytelling and Creativity programs.

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Helping you create and communicate original ideas

Sharpen your public speaking skills and unlock your ability to innovate.

Based in Singapore, Think.Story.Speak provides courses, coaching and consulting to help you create more original ideas and speak with confidence to any audience; big or small.


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Use actors’ tools to play the best version of yourself, in front of any audience.


Personal & Team Creativity

Unlock your potential to innovate using our 5 Key Steps.


Corporate Communication

Sharpen your negotiation skills or your ability to communicate in a crisis.



Discover why personal stories are crucial for persuasion, before creating your own.


Corporate role-play

Work with professional actors, practicing specific scenarios in a safe, supportive space.



Get face-to-face guidance to perfect your sound bites, craft your gestures and refine your voice.

Your Creative Partner

Meet Lead Trainer, Paul Falzon


I’m Paul Falzon, a Singapore-based corporate trainer, coach and creative consultant who has worked with thousands of students over the past 20 years, from drama students in schools to members of the C Suite. I draw inspiration from my creative work in theatre and TV production, serving as an actor, scriptwriter and director. I specialise in storytelling, innovation and presentation skills, and I’ve worked with schools like Nanyang Technological University and companies like Google, Shell and Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

I coach, train and consult people across the professional spectrum; from bankers to zoo keepers, swimming instructors to research scientists. Like an actor preparing for a role, I conduct research, ask plenty of questions and then apply my skills and experience to your specific needs.

Talk to me to find out how I can help you deliver a persuasive message with more confidence, while making a stronger connection with your audience.

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