“The retreat was very fun. We learned important aspects related to work in an enjoyable way.”


Perform Your Story – Strategic Business Storytelling for the World’s Most Innovative Companies


Perform Your Story is a business storytelling course based in Singapore and available across the ASEAN region. We work closely with innovative companies, helping them harness the power of storytelling to transform their communication strategies.

Essilor is one example. A world leader in developing prescription lenses, the Financial Times recognised the company as a “Diversity Leader 2020” for its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Essilor Singapore wanted to enhance their research scientists’ ability to communicate complex ideas with clients and peers. In response, we customised the Perform Your Story program to meet their objectives, delivering it as a three-day company retreat in Malaysia. During the program, we framed persuasive storytelling as a dramatic scene performed onstage. This approach encouraged participants to devise original stories, delivering them with expression and creativity.

Participants learned that by consciously researching, rehearsing and then performing a compelling story, they stood a stronger chance of playing the best version of themselves. This mindset can be a valuable asset when meeting new clients or partners.

Corporate Storytelling Workshops – Driven by Creative Learning

Perform Your Story enables you to create vivid, original stories that enrich your brand and convey sensitive or complex information with a human face.

We run the program as an intensive workshop or company retreat, with the option to run follow-up coaching sessions with individuals and small groups. We apply hands-on, creative methodologies, such as design thinking and drama-based techniques that engage participants and encourage a culture of collaboration. The learning models we use are adopted by Fortune 500 companies in the UK, Europe and the United States, with increasing traction in Asia.

Focused, Bespoke Training Solutions – From Concept to delivery

Before the training begins, we meet with you to conduct a needs analysis session. We want to ensure that our program reflects your corporate culture while addressing any specific challenges you may be facing.

Next, we work closely with you, developing a customised training plan that fits your specific needs. Our rigorous approach to preparation ensures that our corporate storytelling workshop will be a productive, meaningful experience for you and your team.

We cover the following essentials as part of the Perform Your Story program:

Enhancing Internal and External Communication

Strategic business storytelling can enliven the quality of communication within and beyond your company walls. We encourage teams to use storytelling as an engaging form of persuasion, exploring why compelling stories have concrete details that engage the senses.We also explore how successful stories enable leaders to share sensitive yet critical insights in a memorable way.

Mastering the Art of Active Listening

Our corporate storytelling workshop also examines how compelling stories thrive in a culture of active listening. This culture involves making a conscious choice to listen with a constructive mindset when talking to clients or peers.

Engaging the habit of active listening also allows you to develop genuine empathy for people, strengthen your relationships and overcome potential conflicts. And by encouraging different stakeholders to express their obstacles to listening openly, you can reconfigure your message in real-time, making it more relevant and appealing.

Strategic Business Storytelling – Conceived with a Compelling Logline

One of the best ways to ensure your story reaches the right people is to develop a strong logline. A logline is a well-crafted summary that captures the essence of your narrative. In the Perform Your Story program, we show you how to create a unique angle that transcends different modes of communication. These modes span face-to-face encounters to coordinated social media campaigns.

Unlock the Power of Persuasive Storytelling

According to the late Apple visionary Steve Jobs, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” At Think.Story.Speak, these words are at the heart of our mission. We work hard to ensure the Perform Your Story program is Singapore’s best business storytelling course. Talk to us to find out more.