The Persuasive Pitch

A focused presentation skills course – to make your pitch pack a punch.

The Persuasive Pitch

During our first meeting, Paul identified my speaking objectives, my topic and clarified what my audience would want to get from me. At our second meeting, he provided me with clear and detailed feedback. Through his comments, I was able to fine-tune my speech content.

He also reminded me that I am the expert of my content and encouraged me to integrate my personality into the speech. My ultimate goal was to connect with my audience, deliver my message with authenticity and make a difference to them. And I did it!

Jenny Ng, Founder: Family Tales Pte. Ltd.

Develop persuasive pitches with the potential to surprise


A good business pitch can be the critical moment when a promising start-up receives investment, or a cracking proposal gets buy-in from senior management. A bad pitch is like a B Grade horror movie; dull, formulaic and disappointing.

Good horror movies transcend the standard tropes of the genre; they have the potential to surprise people. Think “Get Out” directed by Jordan Peele, who won an Oscar for writing its inventive screenplay; an unnerving, darkly comic meditation on casual racism.

When battle-hardened angel investors watch a good pitch, they become immersed in the story of the business. They want to delve into its founding and find out why its products or services are so unique. Like the best cinema, business pitches need stories that can cause shock, develop intrigue and best of all, inspire empathy. Once a decision-maker feels personally invested in your story, your ideas have a stronger chance of sparking traction.

Not just for start-ups

From a quick chat in the elevator with your manager to a full-blown proposal for the board of directors, you don’t need to be part of a start-up to give a persuasive pitch. While some of the world’s most exceptional companies launched on the strength of their founder’s presentation skills, many businesses now expect their people to have an entrepreneurial mindset. This trend makes the art of pitch making more critical than ever.

Behind the Persuasive Pitch 

The Persuasive Pitch is a leadership communication training program that gives you the insights and leadership you need to deliver better pitches. We use our unique 3D Principles to help you craft and present more engaging pitches, whatever your background. And to ensure your pitches get the best attention, we can combine regular training with one-to-one coaching sessions for individuals and small groups.

Learning Outcomes 

Our insights and leadership can help learners achieve the following tasks:


  • Share purposeful stories with practical information and emotive details.
  • Craft confident physical delivery incorporating strong vocal projection, appropriate gestures and a commanding stage presence.
  • Develop a seamless presentation structure that aids the audience’s understanding.
  • Create an engaging pitch deck that balances good visual design with a logical flow of information.
  • Conduct valuable product/service demonstrations.
  • Handle Q&A sessions with potential investors, your management team or other stakeholders.
  • Conduct productive negotiations once the pitch is complete.

Valuable takeaways 

Purposeful stories 


Humans are hardwired to appreciate good stories; especially leaders and investors. That’s because they are an efficient way to relay crucial information that engages the senses and sparks the imagination. The Persuasive Pitch program takes you through our unique storytelling process step-by-step. It helps you create stories that you can immediately incorporate into your pitch.

Enhanced physical delivery  


It’s no good having a great story if no-one can hear you. That’s why we spend time elevating your stage presence; refining your gestures, crafting your voice and sharpening your eye contact. As part of the training, you will deliver your pitch-in-progress, and then receive constructive feedback in the form of edited video and a detailed written evaluation.

Sharpened impromptu speaking


You may have a highly polished presentation, but if you struggle during the Q&A session, then your credibility can quickly evaporate. That’s why we help you prepare specific impromptu speaking points for your pitch before improving your stage presence, non-verbal communication and phrasing in the heat of the moment.

Engaging Demonstrations 


PowerPoint is a useful presentation tool that can help put a visual stamp on your ideas. That said, if it is overused, your audience may find themselves feeling more overwhelmed than enlightened. Your pitch is a perfect opportunity to ditch the slides and do something three dimensional. We can help you organise a physical demonstration of your product or service, placing its benefits centre stage.

Slicker Slides


Engaging demonstrations aside, we know it’s difficult to kill slides completely; that’s why we give you focused advice on slide design. We can help make your pitch deck a seamless visual aid that clarifies your delivery, giving it added polish.

So, if you need leadership communication training that makes you pitch-perfect, talk to us. Our Persuasive Pitch program can give your performance a boost, whether you’re flipping up your laptop in the elevator or suiting up in front of the boardroom screen.

The Persuasive Pitch