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Enhance Innovation with Creativity Training

Bespoke creativity courses – in Singapore and beyond

The world’s most dynamic companies – like 3M, Alibaba and Apple – understand that innovation and creativity don’t just happen when they happen. Instead, they need to be nurtured and programmed directly into a firm’s DNA.

Get started with Enhance Innovation; customizable creative thinking courses that not only help you and your team generate original ideas but provide your company with constructive platforms to initiate positive change.

Innovation training that sparks original ideas in 5 steps

Hit the ground running with our foundation program in creativity training; delivered as an interactive workshop or immersive team-building experience. We take you and your team through a unique 5-Step Process, including a set of flexible, creative tools you can use every day.

The Enhance Innovation workshop also triggers you and your team – whatever your backgrounds – to develop ideas that can drive your company’s future growth. Throughout the program, we apply the following five steps, which encourage individual reflection, creative collaboration and focused action:

1. Document

To ignite the innovation training process, we need to gather data, observations and insights. With the right guidance, this necessary first step can be a creative, rewarding process in itself. The Enhance Innovation workshop provides accessible techniques that will help you and your team get the information and inspiration you need to fuel real creativity.

2. Daydream

When meeting a challenge head-on, often the first solutions we think of are not striking enough to inspire real change. In this case, ideas that stem from daydreams become more valuable.

While research is a vital first step to develop innovation, daydreams encourage the development of real creativity. We define daydreaming as engaging in free thought, without judgement or censorship.

We consider daydreaming a critical facet of creative thinking courses. It provides you and your team the space you need to conjure up bold ideas that may seem crazy at first. However, with reflection and refinement, these ideas can become critical factors contributing to your company’s future success.

The Enhance Innovation workshop makes the most of your ability to develop bold, new ideas. Working in groups, you and your team will apply a range of proven techniques, such as mind-mapping, role-storming and focused design-thinking exercises. We gear these exercises to generate as many potential solutions as possible.

3. Design

At Think.Story.Speak, we recognise it’s not enough for creativity courses to develop potential solutions; they need to be both relevant and practical. Drawing on your team’s new ideas, you will apply critical thinking principles and design-driven methodologies to help select and refine these ideas into actionable plans.

4. Present

Once you and your group have refined a potential idea, it’s time to share it in a persuasive format. To help prepare short presentations, you will develop sketch-noting and storyboarding skills. These skills help visualise your refined ideas and create short presentations for the rest of your team. And once the training is complete, you can use the same skills to enhance the impact of work presentations and slide deck designs.

Each presenting group will be involved in a Q&A session, including your trainer and the rest of the team. These presentations allow ideas to be stress-tested and improved in a supportive environment.

5. Refine

After their short presentations, each group will add improvements to their ideas, building on the feedback received from the rest of the team. This process underscores the importance of sharing creative ideas with relevant stakeholders, ensuring they have the potential to keep evolving into feasible concepts.

Benefit from additional momentum

Once you’ve completed our foundation in innovation training, you have the option to keep building on your teams’ ideas by conducting specialised coaching for individuals or small groups. You also have the opportunity to utilise this training as part of a company-wide creativity project in conjunction with our industry partners.

Talk to us to find out how we pay more than just lip service to the word “innovation.”