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We help professionals create and communicate original ideas.


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We spark innovation with a creative mindset; our Enhance Innovation training programs are bespoke experiences that enable team-building and change management for leaders and teams. We can also transform these programs into broader consulting projects, where we help you apply the thinking tools you learn into positive change, whatever your mission.

Watch this space as we also venture into e-learning, taking the creative spirit of our face-to-face programs and turning them into interactive learning formats.


Vivid, human stories are the best form of persuasion.  They give people a concrete understanding of your brand.  Whether you are facing inwards or outwards, stories simplify and energise your communication process. They give leaders and teams the tools they need to sell ideas, share values and create empathy.

Using stories, Think.Story.Speak can put a human face to your on-boarding process or for your pitch to potential investors. We also use creative training methods to make storytelling a critical facet of your team’s communication strategy.


What use are great ideas and vivid stories if you cannot share them?  Our Persuasive Speaking programs teach you memorable, repeatable techniques to sharpen your public speaking skills for any purpose, honing your delivery to get buy-in from your audience.
And our flexible learning platforms allow you to access our insights online or face-to-face.

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