Applied Design Thinking

Design thinking training in Singapore and beyond: Innovation powered by “Yes, And.”

Applied Design Thinking

Design Thinking Training in Singapore


To survive in a post COVID world, the best companies need to create bold solutions to the challenges they face, without apology. Whether you want to sharpen the productivity of a specific team or lead change management across your entire company, design thinking provides you with an interactive process that can drive real innovation.

If you aim to spark this process with design thinking training in Singapore and beyond, then we can deliver that. But we can give you so much more. At Think.Story.Speak, we don’t just help companies learn the tools and techniques behind focused design thinking, we help them develop a creative mindset, from the ground up. We call this the “Yes, And” method, inspired by improvisational theatre, or improv for short.

In improv, actors don’t refer to a script; instead, they create scenes on the spot, using spontaneous suggestions from the audience to choose characters and settings.

In improv theatre troupes, the performers abide by rules that ensure scenes build creative momentum, rather than quickly fizzle out. Let’s explore two of these rules and how they apply to Design Thinking for business:

1. Say Yes


One of the first rules of improv is to agree to your partner’s suggestions. If she opens a scene by saying, “What did I say about staying up late?” and you respond, “But, you’re not my mother,” the scene would die an awkward death. But if you respond by saying, “But Mum, I have to finish my thesis on quantum mechanics!” now the scene has room to grow.

Must we passively agree with all ideas, no matter how absurd? No, it’s not about agreeing on everything. Instead, it’s about consciously helping to create a culture of openness; allowing ideas to evolve rather than face immediate rejection. Often it’s the ideas that seem unworkable at first glance that become game-changers.

How We Apply The Rule

Our Applied Design Thinking workshops, courses and design sprints in Singapore are customisable and use reliable, design-based processes to get your teams thinking out of the box. Still, it doesn’t matter whether you are improving an existing product or transforming your company’s brand; our trainers and facilitators will always take the time to build trust with your team. They use hands-on techniques, including theatre improv games, to develop a conducive atmosphere with clear ground rules, allowing professionals to create new ideas — or ideate — without fear of judgement or self-censorship.

2. Say “Yes, And.”


Building on the “Say Yes” rule, if your partner says “That was such a good meal,” and you respond, “Yes, I know!” then the scene cannot gather pace. But if you say, “Yes! Who knew earthworms could taste so good?” then you give the scene a promising start. Your contribution shows you care enough to share ideas, rather than leaving it to others to carry the weight.

How Our Method Works

While mastering design thinking can provide you with an efficient process for developing and prototyping new initiatives, this means nothing if you don’t feel a legitimate sense of purpose and passion.

At Think.Story.Speak, our facilitators and trainers actively apply one of the essential principles of design thinking — empathy. We use it to sustain an engaging dialogue with your team through our entire process, whether they are learning efficient ideation techniques during a one-day programme or committing to a full, five-day design sprint to launch a new marketing strategy.

Talk to us to discover how our Applied Design Thinking workshops in Singapore and beyond not only equip you with critical skills and knowledge, but also help you develop a productive “Yes, And” mindset within your company.

Applied Design Thinking