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"Paul was the most engaging and consummate instructor who really helped me grow by leaps and bounds in confidence in my communication skills. His natural creativity and flair mean he is an effective trainer whose advice still comes in handy in different persuasive speaking situations – years after I attended his class as an undergraduate in NTU"
Walter Sim: Japan Correspondent - The Straits Times

Public Speaking Coach in Singapore Takes Your Speaking Skills to the Next Level


Even the best speakers benefit from an extra pair of eyes and ears. Whether you’re improving your presentations at work or preparing for your first TED Talk, take your skills to the next level with our executive presentation coaching.

At Think.Story.Speak, each coaching assignment is unique, just like our clients. Your professional speaking coach will personalise each facet of your training, identifying your strengths and addressing your weaknesses. Through in-depth dialogue, focused research and hands-on practice, your coach will help you communicate your ideas with clarity, expression and power.

Our Executive Coaching Services Help You Become Your Brand

Your public speaking coach also understands that by delivering a clear and confident speech, you embody the values of your company. That’s why you will focus on the following essential areas during your coaching sessions:

Physical Delivery

Many experienced speakers concentrate their efforts into developing engaging scripts and slide decks, but neglect one of the most powerful facets of their presentation: their physical delivery. Your professional speaking coach can help you rehearse your performance, with targeted feedback backed up by video recordings and assessments using detailed assessment criteria.

Voice Work

An effective public speaking coach understands how critical it is to spend time focusing on a client’s voice. Even if you consistently speak with a confident tone and use received pronunciation whenever you can, every presentation is unique.

Our executive presentation coaching can help you identify moments in your presentation that need additional clarity or dramatic emphasis. This commitment to polishing the details makes your performance as memorable as possible.

Persuasive Storytelling

According to Princeton neuroscientist Uri Hasson, “stories allow us to simulate intense experience without having to actually live through them. Stories allow us to experience the world before we actually have to experience it.”

It’s surprising then, that so many speakers leave stories out of their presentations, thinking facts and figures are more credible and therefore, more critical to winning over the audience. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Stories are an essential part of persuasion, allowing you to make an immediate, human connection with your audience. Our executive coaching services help you refine your script, crafting stories with visual appeal and emotional resonance. After all, a great story makes your ideas live in your audience’s mind.

Presentation Structure

Once you have a story worth telling, it has to flow effortlessly with your points and connect directly to your main idea. Working closely with you each step of the way, your executive speech coach can help you create a presentation structure that feels organic, not forced.

Slide Design

PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi are incredibly useful presentation tools. However, they are often misused; making slide decks common distractions rather than genuine visual aids. Helping you sharpen your slide deck’s potential is an integral part of our executive presentation coaching. Your coach can give you focused advice on slide design as well as hacks that make useful features easier to handle.

Personal Styling

Like a professional actor getting into character through her costume, your clothing, accessories and sense of style can make a quick, powerful impression on your audience, elevating your initial credibility. Working with a professional stylist, your public speaking coach can help you play the confident version of yourself, achieving a style that reflects your personality.

In-Depth Preparation and Rehearsal

Your executive speech coach can help you both prepare and practice for a diverse range of opportunities and assignments, including:

• Job interviews

• Media interviews

• High-stakes presentations

• Keynote addresses

• Panel discussions

• Crisis speeches

Talk to us to discover how our public speaking coach based in Singapore can help you perform your most important role: the best version of yourself.